Since 1992 we are offering musical equipment repair services, as well as restoration of electric guitars and classical instruments.

We use our expertise in the field of guitar sound, to develop unique equipment which allows to control the tone more precisely, compared to the circuits of now-classic models.

At the stage of development each new piece of equipment goes through rigorous testing both in a live and studio environment. Our gear is used by famous producers in studios around the globe: Finland, Sweden, United States of America.

We produce equipment in small batches. This gives us a possibility to approach each order creatively, offer a certain degree of customisation while maintaining high manufacturing quality.

Features that make our products stand out:

  • Unique texture of our Distortion units’ tone
  • Articulate, detailed tone
  • Responsiveness to picking techniques
  • Ability to dial a wide range of tones on the tube amps. From bright and brittle to thick and warm
  • Customisation

We offer counselling to help customer achieve the desired tone (choice of loudspeakers, sound recording techniques, microphone positioning and guitar sound processing).

Our equipment is suitable both for live and studio environment. It can even be used at home at low volume levels, without sacrificing the quality of tone. Or products will suit the needs of musicians who want to unleash the full potential of their guitars.