Custom guitars

Each musician possesses an individual style of performing and has undoubtedly played numerous guitars made using various tonewoods and equipped with different kinds of electronics. Such musicians have a clear vision of the sound they are aiming for. Every musician has their own personal requirements of an ideal instrument. To satisfy their needs and demands we decided to host information about a unique luthier on our website. This luthier has been producing custom guitars for over 40 years and is well known abroad as well as at home in Estonia.

Gennadiy Yotautas produced his very first instrument in 1977 and after a while, hobby became his full-time job. His instruments became popular both among amateur and professional musicians of Estonia. The Master’s fame and experience grew over the years and by 1980 a dedicated workshop with specialised drying compartments had been built. Now we have many returning customers.

Back in 1996 the owner of a Stockholm music shop named Jan Halkan’s, specialising in vintage guitar equipment, stumbled across a no-name Fender Stratocaster copy built by Gennadiy. The guitar’s sound and look convinced the owner to strike a deal with Gennadiy. Later on a series of guitars under Halkan’s brand were built. Mostly these were custom built guitars following the specifications provided by the owner of Jan Halkan’s for sale exclusively in his shop. Now some of the famous guitar players such as Keith Richards of Rolling Stones and Pretenders fame and a guitar player for Bob Dylan as well as many other musicians from Sweden, Finland, Russia and USA use the instruments produced by Gennadiy.

Each instrument produced by the Master is unique. All the materials used in production are carefully selected to meet the highest standards. The details of each guitar are crafted to perfection. Those who value individuality of their instruments and sound are always welcome to his workshop.


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  • An instrument of any shape, made of any combination of materials and hardware can be built following the specifications provided by the customer.
  • Instruments can be fine crafted to match the unique characteristics of players’ hands.
  • Exclusive tonewood matured for 20 years will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.
  • Normally it takes 1 to 4 months to build a guitar, but the estimated time of delivery depends on the amount of orders.
  • Each instrument is covered by a 3 year warranty.

Gennadiy works with custom orders exclusively. It is possible to fully customise the order to match specifications provided by the customer, and the instrument can be sent to any country. We photograph every stage of production, thus keeping the customer informed about the current state of order. The instrument is shipped to customer within a month from the day of completion.

We will gladly help you find what you are looking for.

Electric Guitars

Prices without the cost of hardware and pickups.

Service Price
Neck without a fretboard 250 EUR
Neck with a rosewood fretboard 300 EUR
Neck with a ebony fretboard 350 EUR
Body: alder, ash, maple, basswood 350-500 EUR
Body: mahogany 700 EUR
Set-neck guitar with a karelian birch or maple top 840-940 EUR
Neck-through guitar 720-1100 EUR
Single piece guitar 1200-2800 EUR
Scalloping 100 EUR