Guitar and studio equipment repair services

Musical equipment repairs and refurbishment. We have 30 years of experience in this field and guarantee quality of our work.

We work with the following equipment:

Guitar amplifiers, studio equipment, stage lights, PA systems, monitors, synthesisers, effect processors, guitar effect pedals, tape recorders.

We offer following services:

  • High-output loudspeakers’ suspension replacement
  • Manufacturing of replacement coils for high-output loudspeakers.
  • Manufacturing of audio transformers for studio equipment
  • Calibration and fine tuning of compressors and microphone pre-amps.
  • Adjustment of tape transport.
  • Adjustment of tape recorder electronics.
  • Manufacturing of Power Supply Units for use with non standard voltage.
  • Replacement of transformers in USA made equipment to match the voltage of European power grid.
  • Manufacturing of replacement circuit boards for rare equipment.
  • Modernisation of guitar amplifiers.
  • Manufacturing of replacement equipment cases.
  • Custom inscription printing on metal surfaces.
  • Component matching (tubes, transformers, transistors).
  • Restoration and adjustment of tube-based equipment from 30’s-60’s.

If you have a device that you would like to restore to its original state, contact us and we will inform you about the estimated price and item-specific maintenance procedures within two days.

Electronics repair services

Service Price
Tube amplifier bias 40 EUR
Matching tubes for power and preamplifiers 20 EUR
Repair of processors, synthesizers, amplifiers, effect units, studio equipment 35 EUR/h
(small amount of work)
20 EUR/h
(big amount of work)


Guitar repair

Service Price
Refretting, neck sanding and polishing (depending on the wood) 100-200 EUR
Guitar finish 190 EUR
Filling cracks and scratches with painting and polishing 220 EUR
Nut replacement 50 EUR
Installing nut roller 45 EUR
Intonation, restringing, action and tross rod adjustment, pickup height adjustment 50 EUR
Electronics upgrade, rewiring (without the cost of components) 30-80 EUR

Analogue studio services

Service Price
Recording to tape 25 EUR/track
Mastering using analogue compression, equalisation and tape 70 EUR/track
50 EUR/track
(for more than 8 tracks)
Tube compression for vocals 25 EUR/track
Digitalisation of studio and consumer tapes (any format and speed) 40 EUR/h of material
Restoration of vintage recordings (removing clicks, noise, distortion) 20 EUR/h