T-324 – Tube Distortion Pedal

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T-324 is a tube based Hi-Gain Distortion effect for electric guitars. The device produces deep distortion, while still sounding soft and open, accentuating the classic mid range of the guitar sound. The abundance of harmonics gives a sense of ease of playing, even when weak output pickups are used.

If you want to mimic the 80’s sound without using extra boosters or cranking the amp’s volume, then T-324 is for you.

Front panel:

  • GAIN – amount of distortion
  • TONE – a passive high frequencies filter
  • LEVEL – controls the output level of device
  • EFFECT – true mechanical bypass of effect

Tubes: 2 х 6N2P-EV

Back panel:

Input, Output
Mini switch – changes the type of signal limiting (hard and soft)
4 Pin PSU (Power Supply Unit) socket

The case is manufactured using polished stainless steel (1,5 mm thick).
Dimensions: 162 х 135 mm
Weight: 1700 G
Weight of a standalone PSU: 500 g
Input voltage range: 115 / 230 volts

  • T-324 mix 0:47

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  • T-324 mix 0:47