T-327 – 2-channel Tube Distortion Pedal

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T-327 is a tube Distortion effect for electric guitars. The device has two channels: Crunch and Overdrive.

The device has a wide dynamic range and can produce a crunchy rhythm tone or a natural sounding tube overdrive, while preserving the natural sound and dynamics of the instrument. The T-327 gives sound extra punch and allows to precisely control the moment when harmonics appear. This effect unit is very responsive to playing dynamics and can make the loud notes better cut through.

Front panel:

  • GAIN – amount of distortion
  • TONE – high frequencies filter
  • LEVEL – controls the output level of device
  • EFFECT – true mechanical bypass of effect
  • CRUNCH / DRIVE – switching between channels

Tubes: 2 x 12AX7

Back panel:

Input, Output
Mini switch – changes the structure of the sound’s grain.
4 Pin PSU (Power Supply Unit) socket

The case is manufactured using polished stainless steel (1,5 mm thick).
Dimensions: 161 x 124 mm
Weight: 1500 G
Weight of a standalone PSU: 600g
Input voltage range: 115 / 230 volts

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